Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Strength -

Is not one data point.

It is a time series.  Flowering outward in real time that has a fighter's objective stance.  Seeking weakness.  Sharpening blades.  Showing off while remaining reclusive>it is that strong, that it doesn't have to figure out a way to find a way to show off.

Anyway.  It isn't insecure, that much is certain, though if it were insecure, that insecurity wouldn't gain a foothold.

Strength doesn't worry that the metaphor is off.  That reflexive character inherent on all others allows ribbons of true blue uniform--almost robotic--production with perfect consistency.

Flip the channel and break the mirror and crush the internet cables into a crystal powder.

There is ice cream in the fridge and we are weak tonight. Tired and weak and longing for the end of the week and practicing our language skills in the real world type of place where real world type language is produced with aching fluency.

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