Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Language Learning as Apt Metaphor

If you've spent time studying language, you know the drill of repetition and seemingly endless exercises, and then slow incremental growth, and one day, full sentence comprehension.  And then blinding confusion and fitful bouts of pseudo-confidence.

Having some basis for understanding a language through sheer willpower, though, distills other life lessons down nicely for the need of patient study generally, and humility.

Classical music is an arena that seems to me similar.

Numbers and number study.

Pretty much any learned enterprise has this nature.  The parameters may be porous and more in flux than we might like at times, but there's a main thrust, a body to take the temperature of, and diligence can be rewarded.  Or, minimally, it can help us all realize how singular and small we are when alone.

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