Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not Drinking, Part Infinity (less numb).

So you want to endeavor down a path of abstinence, you tell yourself?  You affectionately want to lack something in your life, something that's been a bit of a friend, a bit of a family member, and has ruined both types of relationships in a predictable arch of power and sheer energy?

Sit back and ask yourself if you're ready not to be dependent.  Ready to re-engineer your social world, your capacity to relax, your inability to focus, and your desires, at their basest levels.

The world is a circus of complexity, I won't lie.  Grand narratives are easy gigs to get hired for and hard to add details to sufficiently for the second paycheck.  Technical manuals are boredom incarnate.  Romance is for the movies.  Cold hard reality is for the novels.   Your life is for you living it to your own self-ordained standards and authority.

Alcohol is a numbing agent.

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Mrs D said...

Nice. Well said. Great blunt truth. Alcohol is a numbing agent. That it is. xxx