Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Goals.

Start things.  And finish them.  Simple, right?

Then go do it.  And stop talking about it.

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I hate myself said...

Hi there, i have been drinking since i was 15 years old, i am 53 now, married 4 kids and 7 grandkids, i would drink a bottle of 750ml scotch twice a week till i was really drunk and vomit most times, the last 20 years i don't vomit anymore as my body is used to it and what happens and i go into blackout mode and don't remember what i do, i become abusive and ramble on about nothing that makes sense, the last 5 years i drink a litre of scotch in one sitting from about 3 in the afternoon till 2 am, i talk in chat rooms and abuse people i call family and friends and talk shit, i just turn into an asshole, when i go to bed i annoy my wife talking utter bullshit and saying she is no good and all that crap. Last Friday night i went to bed around 4am and starting my rambling and she got out of bed and slept in the lounge room, i hate my guts for putting her through it and always say i will control it better and all that bs , but i can't, it controls me as soon as i take a sip and 5 hours into it i can't remember a thing. Now she has told me she is leaving me as she can't take it anymore. She is not even talking to me, she sends me emails from her phone in the next room. I want to stop this madness, i have asked her to give me one more chance and if i fail she can leave with my blessings, i'll even help her.I'm too old for the shit anymore, i'm shocked she has been with me for all this time. So i either stop or say bye bye the the best girl in the world..Is alcohol worth it?? no, but it fucks with your mind, makes you feel life is so much better with it. There has not been a week in my life for the last 30 years where one day i haven't been hungover to the max and feeling sick and laying in bed all day, its becomes normal. Well this is my wake up call so i will see a new life in the future, i must not fail or i lose everything that is special in my life. I will post again in a couple of weeks to let you know how i'm doing,, bye..from Australia