Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 5 Sober -

Here's a recent comment (below) that may represent a good reason to quit!  I think when your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife asks you to get sober (for however long), it is a pretty solid indication that you have a problem.

And, unfortunately, "proving" to them that you can get sober for a bit doesn't entitle you to go out and get drunk.  It is nice motivation, of course, but it pays to step back and understand why that's motivation, and how circular the logic is.

"Day 5.

Trying to see how long I can go without drinking. I'm 31 years old drinking since 16. I never thought I had a problem drinking. I usually hold my alcohol pretty well almost to the point people do not even know I'm drunk but myself. I was a heavy drinker drinking all those years I had a tolerance for it. My boyfriend gave me a 90 day challenge. I personally just want to see if I can make it to 4 weeks. Wish me luck!"

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