Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liking Linked to Not Liking -

QUick, proffer a reason why you like something?

Is it coupled with exlusionary pathos?  I.e. do you like stuff because you don't like other stuff?  Or do you like stuff because you like that stuff, and not other stuff, inherently?

It strikes me that everyone comes to the same conclusion about what they like (that it is pure, authentic, and real) and what other people who disagree like (that it is crap, modern, fake, etc.).  Note how heavy purity plays a role

Also, a note about how this works with people.  Are people we don't like subject to fair treatment?  the answer to that question is at a host of a very messy policy and legal and gossip and human issues, and the answer is universally hypocritical (except, um, in the US Constitution, where due process was given status).   But I'm guessing that most of us are not fair to those with whom we disagree.

Why is it so easy to argue that certain people are evil, when we are, concurrently, treating those people the way we fault them for treating others? I don't know why we can't see our own hypocrisy, at least this kind of blatant stuff, more easily, except to say that from an evolutionary perspective, knowing who is on your side is more important than integrity.

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