Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Signs of Normalized Depression

You're brain seems to have become wrapped tightly in a high resin plastic sheath.  This could have been a liquid--polyurethane is the first thing that comes to mind--at one point in the past, but lately has crystallized into a definite anti-oxygen barrier resembling any type of normal fruit baggy, trash collection agent, or similarly smooth thin and fully suffocating device.

You've become invincibly unique in your self-perception and self-identity, and do not take critical comments lightly.  In fact, you begin to huff and puff and decide (wrongly) that the commenter is full of shit and their entire worldview is a sign of their fully demented delusional mindset, such that if they died, perhaps, you wouldn't mind it terribly.

Your capacity to produce work--i.e. deliverable results--is greatly diminished.  You find great complexity in everything and very few solutions.

Your friends are all in bands, just waiting to be discovered, but not working to be discovered.  You think they're stupid.  You have no band.  You are a one-man band.

Your glasses are thick in frame and thin in lens.

Social critique is more important than . . . anything else, especially your parents, whom you have a visceral dislike for, and what you think are fully developed theories of development and taste that encapsulate them.

Everyone's face looks exactly the same.

To be continued.

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