Monday, March 19, 2012

Buying The Idea of Progress -

I spent a lot of time trying to tarnish the idea of buying into progress.  That is, settling down.  that is, getting a law degree and practicing law.  Working hard to make it to partner, to buy a BMW, to buy a house, to have kids, pay off the mortgage, and retire.  For what end, I aggressively wondered?  Death, my critical self answered.  Death and only death.  And that's one thing I don't want to rush, damnit.  Never!  I shouted it to myself, as I became an anti-.  Anti-everything and anything except.

And so fast forward 7 years or so, and reset the clocks folks, because I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Progress is real, and the results are tangibly nice.  Hard work can yield nice things, enjoyable pleasant things. Things that I enenjoy not because I've become fundamentally corrupted and materialistic, but because I enjoy them.  Like a nice pair of headphones to listen to music on.  Or a car that, well, simply put, runs reliably.   OK, I'm not at the car point yet, but I'm dreaming that one day I'll have a car that doesn't require constant monitoring of steering fluid.

Bottom line:  My rebellion WAS successfully disadvantageous to someone: me.

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Anonymous said...

This. This is me. And now I'm belated. I can't rationalize or analyze myself out of that fact. I can only keep getting up and working to move forward.

Thank you for the inspiration.