Sunday, July 3, 2011

Funding Your Analyst

There's a saying out there, and it is true, all of it. 

So why bother with the saying? 

Because it is already true, and some people don't know that it is true, and because we like sayings that condense the truth.

I see.  So, you feel that you should educate people who may not have proper education, and you think that this saying is a convenient and efficient way to do so?

No, I just.  I wanted to be clear that I liked the saying.

But how could you tell if the saying wasn't true? 

I'm not sure I know what you mean.

I mean: you said the saying was true.  What if it wasn't?  How would you be able to explain this?  Would there be an indicator of some sort to point to?

I suppose, well.

I think what you mean is that we like sayings becuase they are vague enough to agree to without proving their falsity, and that this allows us a feeling of communication, of connection, when it is really anything but that--it is as banal a statement as the weather.

But I use this saying all the time. 

And people are no doubt agreeing with you all the time.  So it serves you well.  I don't doubt that your emotions when they respond to you are true.  But your emotions about positive feedback don't make the saying more true or less true.

You don't even know what the saying is.

I don't need to know that's the point.

The point is only that you're used to people agreeing with you when you say this, and you don't like it when I take issue with your saying.  It takes away from your power, from your certainty, somewhat.  It makes you have to do some mental work, and that is the most difficult kind.

I beg to differ.

Then why avoid it?  Why not come up with something falsifiable and really put your dick on the chopping block?  If you're so sure that is.

I suppose I'm not so sure.  But you can't also be this sure about my saying without hearing it first.  You can't assume all sayings have this basic structure.  Aren't you the least bit curious?

Okay, tell me.

Nah, forget it.  Time's up anyway.

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