Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Drinking Entering Serious No Turning Back Time

Of course that's a joke, because there's always turning back.  It maintains itself as a possibility.  I can imagine the drinking friends of someone who has periods of not drinking, and then periods of drinking, wondering where there friend is at times.  Not understanding that they've desperately been trying to do something hard and new.  Shit, I'm not even sure what the eventual goal of this is.  You know?  Maybe just to die of natural causes.  To live a humdrum life with decent people around and then one day die of natural causes at an old age.  See how easy it is to equate drinking with excitement?

Constant running dilemma: whether life is better or not in different locations?  Perhaps there are too many subjective elements to be weighed against each other, not sure.

Emerging dilemma: whether to try to start a family.

Localized non-dilemma status: will I ever have enough damn patience and simple determination to do my own writing (and not bloggin) when I sit down to write?

Also localized issue: Cat likes to pee on bed.  Immediate thought: Get rid of cat.  Secondary thought: starve cat.  Tertiary thought: make sure all of cat's litter is totally clean.

How to maintain productive levels of work that come when time is tight when time is not tight?

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